b'Track-Specific Pro & Junior MX TiresScorpion MX 486 Ideal on MEDIUM-HARD Terrain;Unbeatable on hard and rocky terrain dirt roads or stones and hardBlock arrangement ensures the greatest adaptability to the surface,surfaces such as rockmaximum grip in braking and on bendsEnlarged blocks on the rear toMID-HARDalways ensure maximum traction 16-1583 90/100-2157M MXH High degree of resistance to wear delivers constant performance16-1594 100/90-19NHS MXHright to the end of the race 16-1595 110/90-19NHS MXHEffective in all conditions of use:16-1582 120/80-19NHS 63M MXHcompetition, training or just for fun! (H)FAX 1-888-238-1154JUNIOR RACINGFranais 1-800-387-3359The first professional set dedicated to young Moto Cross riders. Specifically for SOFT TERRAIN; mud or sand and INTERMEDIATE; grass or compact and dry ground.English 1-800-387-7625Junior RacingIntermediateEffective in all conditions of use: competition, training orjust for fun!Excellent traction on allScorpion Junior Racing MID-SOFT MXMSsurfaces to ensure the maximum transmission of16-1530 2.50-10NHS 33Jpower to the ground 16-1531 60/100-12NHS 36MV-shaped block layout to16-1532 60/100-14NHS 29Mwww.fullboremarketing.caoptimise stability on braking16-1536 70/100-19NHS 42Mand grip on bendsFront tire with optimised16-1560 2.75-10NHS 37Jlateral blocks to ensure16-1561 80/100-12NHS 50Mprecision in the trajectory set 16-1562 90/100-14NHS 49MReliability of performance16-1540 90/100-16NHS 51Meven in extreme racing conditions (H)Tires217'