b'Track-Specific Pro MX TiresScorpion MXS Best performance on SOFT Effective in all conditions of use:Terrain, Mud or Sandcompetition, training or just for fun! SOFTExcellent traction and self-cleaning properties enable top16-160080/100-2151M MSTspeeds right from the start 16-160190/100-16NHS 51MSpecific carcass capable of16-1602100/90-19NHS 57maintaining effective &reliable performance throughout the16-1604110/90-19NHS 62entire competition (H)Rear tire blocks with blade layout for maximum traction; also on mud and sandFAX 1-888-238-1154Scorpion MX 32 MS Specifically for SOFT &Soft; Mud or sand &INTERMEDIATE TerrainIntermediate; grass or compact and dry ground MID-SOFT MXMSEffective in all conditions of use: competition, training or just for16-153570/100-17NHS 40MFranais 1-800-387-3359fun! 16-153980/100-2151M MSTV-shaped block layout to16-153790/100-2157M MSToptimise stability on braking and grip on bends 16-1546100/90-19NHS 57Front tire with optimised lateral16-1547110/85-19NHSSCblocks to ensure precision in the16-1548110/90-19NHS 62trajectory set 16-1549110/90-19NHS 62 MUDReliability of performance even in extreme racing conditions 16-1551120/80-19NHS 63M16-1550120/90-19NHS English 1-800-387-7625(H)Scorpion MX 32 MHEngineered to provide outstanding performance for professional riders in the World FIM Motocross, the AMAMID-HARD Motocross and Supercross www.fullboremarketing.cachampionships and enthusiastic16-162680/100-2151M MSTriders of all capabilities 16-162790/100-2157M MSTProvides a high-level of dynamic performance by maximizing16-1625100/90-1957M NHScornering grip and traction16-1624110/90/1962M NHSwhile providing remarkable16-1622120/80-1963M NHSdurability and resistance against cuts and tearing (H)Front tri-ply carcass creates a strong and stiff structure that reduces deformities and rolloverRear tri-ply carcass, less flexible sidewalls, increased knob strength and a larger contact patch, improves traction in whoops and on square-edged bumpsDense knob layout provides a large and stable contact patch for improved cornering grip, traction and stabilityTiresRear tire features a reversible tread patternto prolong tire life and consistencyRobust compound promotes the transfer of power to the ground 216 and prevents overheating'