b'CUSTOM /TRACK SPORT / STREET TOURING CRUISERDIABLO SUPERCORSA SP V3/V2DIABLO ROSSO CORSA IIDIABLO ROSSO IIIDIABLO ROSSO IIDIABLOPHANTOM SPORTSCOMPANGEL GTANGEL STSPORT DEMONNIGHT DRAGON/ NIGHT DRAGON GT ROUTE MT 66STREET ON/OFF RALLY COMPETITIONSCORPION TRAIL IIMT 60 RS/MT 60ENDURO MXSCORPION RALLY STRMT 90MT 21SCORPION RALLYSCORPION PRO F.I.M.SCORPION XC MID SOFT / MID HARDSOFT MID SOFT MID HARD HARDSCORPION MX SOFT SCORPION MX 32 MID SOFT SCORPION MX 32 MID HARDFAX 1-888-238-1154SCORPION MX EXTRA X/JMotocross EXTRA TiresScorpion MX EXTRA-XFranais 1-800-387-3359All-around riding and amateur16-1635 80/100-2151M MST Optimal choice for 16-1638 100/100-18NHS professional training racing 16-1639 110/100-18NHS and amateur to semi-Pro Grip and traction on a wide range16-1640 120/100-18NHS racers who ride all types of terrain (from mid soft to mid16-1641 100/90-19NHS 57 of terrain and demand hard) 16-1642 110/90-19NHS 62 performance lap after Multi-ply carcass with high16-1643 120/90-19NHS lap especially under race English 1-800-387-7625resistance to punctures but maximum flexibility to absorb(H) simulationforces during jumps or obstaclesTraining performance in all terrain conditions; uniform knob wear, resistance to deformation while damping and extendedOur best tires fordurabilityDesigned for powerful 4-strokeWeekend Warriorsbikes that need durable tireswww.fullboremarketing.caScorpion MX EXTRA-JJuniorAll-around riding and amateur racing 16-1650 2.50-10NHS 33J The only motocross tyre 16-1651 60/100-14NHS 29M in mini-cross sizes for Effective for training sessions or16-1652 70/100-17NHS 40M future champions offer-simply for fun! 16-1653 70/100-19NHS 42M ing the best in all round Tread pattern optimised to16-1654 2.75-10NHS 37J performance and perfect increase traction and grip on a vast16-1655 80/100-12NHS 50Mrange of intermediate surfaces for training purposes.Widely spaced blocks to ensure16-1656 90/100-14NHS 49MTiresadaptability to soft and slippery16-1657 90/100-16NHS 51Msurfaces (H)Dedicated mini sizes for50-100cc motocross bikes 215'