b'Offroad/ Cross Country TiresScorpion Rally(Dakar Winner) 16-1513 110/80-19TL 59R M+S16-1515 120/70 R 19TL 60T M+SFront tire blocks optimized for better directional stability at high16-1510 90/90-2154R MST speeds.High traction even on the most16-1514 150/70-17TL 69R M+Sdemanding surfaces thanks to16-1516 170/60 R 17TL 72T M+Sthe specific geometry and to the16-1511120/100-1868R MSTlayout of the blocks on the rear16-1512 140/80-1870R MST tire.Innovative carcass structure(H)capable of supporting the bikes high speeds while ensuring high resistance to punctures.FAX 1-888-238-1154Scorpion XC Mid-Soft Scorpion XC (Cross Country)Ultimate special lightweightMID-SOFTSCXCMSpolyester carcass choice for mid soft offroad use for all sizes of16-166080/100-2151R MST bikes/riders 16-1662 110/100-1864M NHSSpecially designed knobs on front tire for optimized steering16-1663 120/100-1868M NHS Franais 1-800-387-3359precision and traction; back tire(H)optimized for acceleration and directional stabilityConquers everything form rocky terrain to deep sand to rootsScorpion XC Mid-Hard Scorpion XC (Cross Country)English 1-800-387-7625Ultimate choice for harder offMID-HARDSCXCMHroad useSpecial lightweight polyester16-1670 80/100-2151R MST carcassSpecially designed knobs on16-1672 110/100-1864M MST front tire for optimized steering16-1673 120/100-1868M M+S precision and traction 16-1674 140/80-1870M M+SDOT versions feature a HD(H)www.fullboremarketing.cacarcassMT 43 Pro Trials 16-15232.75-21TL 45P16-1524 4.00-18TL 64PDesigned for moderate trials and(H)especially extreme woods riding; optimum performance on hard, wet and even dry terrainReinforced carcass reduces deformation and maximizes footprint Tireson every type of terrainUnique tread pattern geometry, complementing the tire structure and 214 its application'