b'Dualsport DOT Offroad TiresMT60 16-1452100/90-19TL 57H16-144690/90-21TL 54HOptimised for road use on Enduro bikes,16-1447120/90-1764Swhile also providing excellent off road16-1453130/80-17TL 65HperformanceReinforced X-ply carcass ensures comfort16-1448140/80-17TL 69Hand stability even at full load (H)Specific block layout to ensure maximum gripExcellent traction on all surfaces and in the most diverse weather conditionsMT21 Rallycross 16-1470 80/90-2148P FAX 1-888-238-115416-147190/90-2154ROff-road tread pattern with street16-1475120/90-1764Rhomologation16-1477130/90-1768P A serious DOT offroad/street tire Most Aggressive Dual Purpose Tire16-1480110/80-1858P says DIRT BIKE magazine 16-1482120/80-1862R Tread pattern designed for extremely16-1483120/90-1865Rstable handling; provides excellent16-1485130/90-1869R off-road performance over long Franais 1-800-387-3359distances 16-1486140/80-1870R (H)Scorpion Pro FIM 16-152090/90-2154R M+S16-151990/90-2154M M+S (Hard)I.S.D.E. tire satisfying ecological16-1521120/90-1865M M+Srequirements worldwide; FIM and DOT approved front and rear 16-15221140/80-1870M M+S (Soft)English 1-800-387-7625Dirt Bike magazine rated best DOT16-1522140/80-1870M M+S knobby tire for off road use (H)Front tire designed for soft/intermed./ mid hard terrain with diamond-shaped mid-shoulder knobs for cornering tractionScorpion Rally Street 16-15161120/70R-17 TL 58V M+Swww.fullboremarketing.ca16-15162120/70R-18 TL 59V M+STechnological innovations16-15163100/90-19TL 57V M+Sprovide traction on dirt, stability at high speeds, on-road handling16-13792110/80R-19 TL 59V M+S agility and grip in all riding16-13793120/70R-19 TL 60V M+S conditions 16-1379490/90-21TL 54V M+S A new compound, with a high content of silica, offers increased16-13795150/70R-17 TL 69V M+Sgrip on both dry and wet16-13796170/60R-17 TL 72V M+S surfaces, stability and a superior16-15164180/55R-17 TL 73V M+Sresistance to abrasion 16-13797150/70R-18 TL 70V M+S Increased width and length of the tires contour makes a larger contact patch for better stability(H)Blocks are longer and wider, and the longitudinal distance Tiresbetween each line of knobs has been reduced to increase the contact patch, without compromising off-road tractionHeat, generated by high speed, is distributed across a wider surface to prevent knob tearing 213'