b'Bias Ply Cruiser & Touring TiresRoute MT66 16-1200 130/90-16TL 67HGreat Cruiser Aftermarket Replacement Tire16-1205 150/80-16TL 71H 16-1210 120/90-1764Sat an Affordable Price 16-1270 3.00-18 47S16-1215 100/90-18TL 56HWith its large selection of sizes it is the perfect choice that fits16-1221 90/90-19 TL 52H most of the Metric Cruiser bikes 16-1222 100/90-19TL 57HAn affordable tire giving high mileage without16-1223 100/90-1957Scompromising comfort and16-1224 110/90-19TL 62Hall-weather grip 16-1226 80/90-21 TT 48H Light weight improves16-1239 130/90-1566S suspensions ability to absorb road irregularities, increasing16-1240 140/90-15TL 70H FAX 1-888-238-1154rider comfort and stability 16-1242 150/90-15TL 74H H-rated, durable 4-ply nylon16-1246 170/80-15TL 77H construction 16-1248 180/70-15TL 76H Raised black lettering and aggressive tread design in16-1250 130/90-16TL 73H Reinf.high demand with custom16-1252 140/90-16TL 71Hbuilders for their old school16-1254 150/80-16TL 71H choppers 16-1275 120/90-18TL 65H Franais 1-800-387-3359(H) CUSTOM /English 1-800-387-7625TRACK SPORT / STREET TOURING CRUISERDIABLO SUPERCORSA SP V3/V2DIABLO ROSSO CORSA IIDIABLO ROSSO IIIDIABLO ROSSO IIwww.fullboremarketing.caDIABLOPHANTOM SPORTSCOMPANGEL GTANGEL STSPORT DEMONNIGHT DRAGON/ NIGHT DRAGON GT TiresROUTE MT 66210STREET ON/OFF RALLY COMPETITIONSCORPION TRAIL IIMT 60 RS/MT 60ENDURO MXSCORPION RALLY STRMT 90MT 21SCORPION RALLYSCORPION PRO F.I.M.SCORPION XC MID SOFT / MID HARDSOFT MID SOFT MID HARD HARDSCORPION MX SOFT SCORPION MX 32 MID SOFT SCORPION MX 32 MID HARDSCORPION MX EXTRA X/J'