b'Performance Cruiser & Touring TiresNight Dragon GT High Mileage, Optimized for new V-Twins 16-0109130/90-16TL 73H Reinf.16-1185MT90B-16TL 72HA specific tire for high performance Harley-Davidson motorcycles. 16-1184150/80-16TL 71HDesigned for Custom motorcyclists that need tires with excellent16-0112130/80-17TL 65Hgrip and a higher mileage 16-1183140/75R-17TL 67VExcellent performance and16-0114140/80-17TL 69Hgreat fun to ride with a good balance between reliability16-0118130/70R-18TL 63Vand life of the tire 16-0119130/70-18TL 63HOptimized for the new16-1193140/70-18TL 73H Reinf.V-Twin engines with more power and higher torque 16-1186100/90-19TL 57HFAX 1-888-238-1154EPT technology derived from16-0120110/90-19TL 62Hthe sport bike segment16-1182120/70ZR-19TL 60Woptimizes the contact patch16-118190/90-21TL 54Hin order to ensure great stability at high speeds and16-1187MH90-21TL 54Hlightning acceleration 16-0124 120/70-21TL 68H Reinf.16-0127130/60-23TL 65HFranais 1-800-387-335916-1195170/80-15TL 77H16-0080170/80-15TL 77HGT Option16-1196180/70-15TL 76H16-1197200/70-15TL 82H16-1188130/90-16TL 73H Reinf.16-11851MT90B-16TL 74HGT Option16-1190MU85B-16TL 77HNight Dragon 16-0081MU85B-16TL 77HGT OptionEnglish 1-800-387-7625Premium Performance Meets 16-1191150/80-16TL 77H Reinf.16-0082150/80-16TL 77H Reinf.GT OptionSophisticated Design 16-0083180/60R-16TL 74VGT OptionThe first pavement-peeling muscle tire designed exclusively for16-1172180/65-16TL 81H Reinf.V-twins, cruisers and customs! Employing technology gleaned from16-0084180/65-16TL 81H Reinf.GT Optionthe World Superbike competition, the Night Dragon roars with16-1175180/70R-16TL 77Hprecise cornering, extreme grip and a high resistance to16-1177160/70-1773Hhydroplaning. 16-1173160/70-1773Vwww.fullboremarketing.caMade to fit both Harley-Davidson and metric16-1176170/60R17TL 78V Reinf.cruiser riders. 16-1178180/60B-17TL 75VMeets the increased engine16-1192180/60B-17TL 81H Reinf.sizes, torque/horsepower16-1198200/55R-17TL 78Vneeds and suspensions of todays V-twins 16-0085200/55R-17TL 78VGT OptionCrafted for predictable feel16-1194150/70-18TL 76H Reinf.and feedback, mixed with a16-1199180/55R-18TL 74Wcompound for high16-0086200/50R-18TL 82H Reinf.GT Optionmileage and extreme grip at full lean and full throttle 16-1179240/40R-18 TL 79V Radial and Bias ply (H)Tires209'