b'Sport/ Sport Touring Bias TiresSport Demon 16-1110100/90-16 TL 54H16-1111110/90-16 TL 59VTop conventional bias ply tire16-1139120/80-16 TL 60Vwith modern performance and mileage for late 70s to early 90s16-1113110/70-17 TL 54Hbikes. Up-to-date sport16-1114110/80-17 TL 57Hcompound for best dry and wet16-1117100/90-18 TL 56Vgrip without compromising mileage. 16-1119110/80-18 TL 58VSpecial front tire design and16-1120110/90-18 TL 61Vcontour for improved handling16-1124100/90-19 TL 57Vand good wet performance 16-1140130/90-16 TL 67VPerfect rear tire block16-1145150/80-16 TL 71Vdistribution for water drainage, FAX 1-888-238-1154even wear and optimized16-1149130/70-17 TL 62Hcontact-patch from tire to16-1150130/80-17 TL 65Hground 16-1152130/90-17 TL 68VH-rated for 130 mph and V-rated for 149+ mph sustained speeds 16-1154140/70-17 TL 66H16-1156140/80-17 TL 69V16-1159150/70-17 TL 69V16-1163 110/90-18 TL 61HFranais 1-800-387-335916-1165120/80-18 TL 62H16-1166120/90-18 TL 65V16-1168130/70-18 TL 63H16-1169130/80-18 TL 66V16-1174140/70-18 TL 67V(H)MT75English 1-800-387-7625MT75 sports a modern aggressive tread pattern for high level wet/dry performanceperfect for small16-1101100/80-16TL50TOE Buell Blastsportbikes! 16-1102 120/80-16 TL60T OE Buell Blast 16-1104 110/80-17 TL57S OE Aprilia RS50(H)www.fullboremarketing.caTires208'