b'Hypersport and Supersport TiresDiablo Rosso II and IIIDIABLO ROSSO IIIis the next step in the evolution ofDIABLOROSSO II , which combines all the latest technologies, the most16-0919110/70R-17 TL 54H OE CBR250revolutionary materials and the most innovative processes together with the know-how acquired by Pirelli in the Superbike World16-0908110/70ZR-17 TL (54H) DR3Championship in these last few years.16-0920110/70ZR-17 TL 54WUnprecedented handling derived from World Superbike16-0929120/60ZR-17 TL 55WChampionship racing experience 16-0909120/60ZR-17 TL (55W) DR3Multi-radius front profile improves lean in and quick direction16-0931120/70ZR-17 TL 58WchangesTwin-compound rear tire with a high percentages of silica16-0932120/70ZR-17 TL 58W D-SpecOE Ducati Diavel, 1100 Evoprovides grip in all conditions while getting good mileage 16-0901120/70ZR-17 TL (58W) DR3 D-Spec The tread pattern is an evolution of the flash symbol already16-0900120/70ZR-17 TL (58W) DR3FAX 1-888-238-1154present on the DIABLO Supercorsa 16-0918140/70R-17 TL 66H OE CBR250 while supplies last16-0922140/70ZR-17 TL66H DR3Diablo Rosso II Diablo Rosso III 16-0923150/60ZR-17 TL 66W16-0910150/60ZR-17 TL (66W) DR316-0925170/60ZR-17 TL 72W16-0934160/60ZR-17 TL 69WFranais 1-800-387-335916-0905160/60ZR-17 TL (69W) DR316-0936180/55ZR-17 TL 73WOE Ducati 1100 Evo 1116-0906180/55ZR-17 TL (73W) DR316-0935180/60ZR-17 TL 75W16-0904180/60ZR-17 TL (75W) DR316-0940190/50ZR-17 TL 73W16-0915190/50ZR-17 TL (73W) DR316-0941190/55ZR-17 TL 75WEnglish 1-800-387-762516-0907190/55ZR-17 TL (75W) DR3Diablo 16-0939200/50ZR-17 TL 75WOutstanding grip and traction16-0916200/55ZR-17 TL 78W DR3in wet and dry conditions, plus16-0937240/45ZR-17 TL 82WOE Ducati Diavel improved tread wear and16-0917240/45ZR-17 TL 82W DR3 performance (H)Silica-Silan matrix compound and multi-radius profile 16-1057120/70ZR-17TL 58W OE BMW X-MotoPatented 0 high tension and16-1075180/55ZR-17TL 73Wwww.fullboremarketing.calow elongation steel belt 16-1078190/50ZR-17 TL 73W Z-rated (149+ mph) custom-wide sportbike tire for 240-kit(H)bikesPhantom Sports Comp 16-1061120/70R-17TL 58V16-1062100/90-18TL 65HV-rated with tubes on spoked16-10885150/70R-17TL 69Hwheels; 16-1089180/55R-17TL 73VDucati Sport GT1000, Smart Tires 1000LE, Sport 1000 (H)206'