b'Track Day/ Street TiresDiablo Rosso Corsa and IIDIABLO ROSSO CORSA II, Pirellis first multi-compound motorcycle tire transferring racetrack performance into16-1003120/60ZR-17 TL 55Wstreet versatility 16-1002120/65ZR-17 TL 56WPirelli technology developed within the World Superbike16-1004 120/70ZR-17 TL 58WChampionship 16-1019120/70ZR-17 TL 58W DRC2Bicompound solution for the front tireapplying the two16-1006160/60ZR-17 TL 69Wcompounds in three different zonesTriple compound on the rear distributed in five zones 16-1020160/60ZR-17 TL 69W DRC2New tread pattern design 16-1008180/55ZR-17 TL 73W16-1021180/55ZR-17 TL 73W DRC216-1007180/60ZR-17 TL 75W OE 2012 Ducati Streetfigher 848FAX 1-888-238-115416-1022180/60ZR-17 TL 75W DRC216-1009190/50ZR-17 TL 73W16-1023190/50ZR-17 TL 73W DRC216-1010190/55ZR-17 TL 75W16-1024190/55ZR-17 TL 75W DRC216-1011200/55ZR-17 TL 78W16-1025200/55ZR-17 TL 78W DRC2Franais 1-800-387-335916-1026200/60ZR-17 TL 80W DRC2(H)Diablo Rosso Corsa Diablo Rosso Corsa IIDiablo SuperCorsa SP V2 and V3English 1-800-387-7625Hyper-Sport Street CompoundOE Triumph and Ducati High modulus fiber carcass offers a lower deformation ratio and makes the entire structure stiffer to allow a better synergy compounds and carcassSingle Element tread pattern on the V2 permits a 24% larger slick shoulderarea vs. previous Diablo Supercorsa, increasing contact16-0963120/70ZR-17TL 58W SP V2 OE 2012 Ducati Panigalearea and grip and wear regularity 16-0964120/70ZR-17TL 58W SP V3 OE Ducati PanigaleNew compounds offer great balance of mileage and grip in an16-0973180/55ZR-17TL 73W SP V2www.fullboremarketing.caultra-high-performance product 16-09731180/55ZR-17TL 73W SP V3Rear tire uses Pirellis patented EPT enhanced patch technology matched with a try-zone compound that helps optimize the16-0974180/60ZR-17TL 75W SP V2 while supplies lastcontact patch for improved grip and handling 16-09741180/60ZR-17TL 75W SP V316-0976190/50ZR-17TL 73W SP V216-0975190/55ZR-17TL 75W SP V216-09751190/55ZR-17TL 75W SP V316-0972200/55ZR-17TL 78W SP V2 OE 2012 Ducati Panigale16-09761200/55ZR-17TL 80W SP V316-0977200/60ZR-17TL 80W SP V3 OE Ducati Panigale V4 (H)TiresDiablo SuperCorsa SP V2 Diablo SuperCorsa SP V3 205'