b'The Ultimate ADJUSTABLE Stretch Strapfor motorcycles, ATVs, scooters & racks of all typesROK Straps are adjustable, versatileROK straps are Easy as 1, 2, 3.and easy to fit around most luggage items. Simply attach both ends of the straps, tighten down over luggage and youre off!Strongest Hold.Quality materials and good mechanical connections ensure these are the strongest stretch straps you will use. Safely holds 90lb (45kg) of cargo securely. Secure anything without scratchesno hooks. Loops on both ends can be secured to just about anything, and the mid-strap buckle allows you to adjust the strap to your needs. Each pack includes two straps. FAX 1-888-238-1154HEAVY DUTY: 450-1500mm x 25mm (-60) 37-1310 Heavy Duty 1 Cruiser Black37-1312 Heavy Duty 1 Hi-Vis Green/Black 37-1310 37-131537-1313 Heavy Duty 1 Black/Orange StripesFranais 1-800-387-335937-1315 Heavy Duty 1 Black Reflective37-1316 Heavy Duty 1 Coyote TanMEDIUM DUTY: 310-1060mm x 16mm (-42) 37-1320Medium 5/8Black 37-1321Medium 5/8Black Blue/Green Stripes 37-1322Medium 5/8Hi-Vis Green/Black 37-1323Medium 5/8Black/Orange 37-1325Medium 5/8Black Coyote Tan English 1-800-387-762537-1326Medium 5/8Black Reflective 37-1316 37-1317LIGHT DUTY: 300-720mm x 12mm (-28)37-1330Light Duty 1/2 Green Reflective37-1331Light Duty 1/2 Orange Reflective37-1332Light Duty 1/2 Black Reflective (D)www.fullboremarketing.ca37-1300Counter Display FREE w/order of 10* (D)*While supply lastsdont delay37-1321 37-1322Accessories37-1331204'