b'SINGLE POINT MOUNT Options for STORM, VPS and Jet Some include Storm plastic or order bare (No Plastic) & add preferred plasticBar-End Mount (Hollow) 7/8 - 1 Bars 63-1157STM-005-BKKit with Black Storm Plastics63-1163STM-005-NPKit - No Plastic63-1175B-074 Adapterrequired for 1 Hollow BarsBar-End Mount (Threaded 6 or 8mm) Bars63-1160STM-007-BKKit with Black Storm Plastic63-1157 63-1162 no plastic 63-1162STM-007-NPKit - No Plastic Clamp Mount (Straight 22mm) 7/8 Bars63-1147 STM-001-BKKit with Black Storm Plastic63-1151 STM-001-NPKit - No Plastic Clamp Mount (25.4mm) 1 Bars63-1147 Clamp Mount 63-1152STM-002-BKKit with Black Storm Plastic63-1175 Adapter 63-1154STM-002-NPKit- No Plastic (D) FAX 1-888-238-1154Lever Protector STREETTRACK with additional Aerofoil includedFranais 1-800-387-3359Tested and approved for MotoGPDesigned for Street and Track Aerodynamic GP styled lever protector Protect brake & clutch levers from accidental contact NOT designed for impact protection Innovative design with hi-tech construction Injection molded Nylon composite for rigidity & strengthEnglish 1-800-387-7625 Mounted to a single point on the handlebar end Includes fitment to suit 6 or 8mm internal thread handlebar asLever guard with Aerofoil installedwell as a unique locking system for hollow bars Adjustable for the perfect fit to allow extra lever clearance Sleek, functional Aerofoil included for increased wind protection or removed in seconds for a compact, sporty feel Sold as a pair (left/right)To fit: Hollow handlebar or 6mm/8mm Internal Thread barwww.fullboremarketing.ca63-1180AGP-001AERO-GP Lever Kit(D)AccessoriesShown here with Aerofoil195'