b'Create Your Own Kit in 2 Steps .UNIVERSAL Hardware Kits2 kits cover most MCs with one for ATVTwo Point mount options offer both weather and impact protection. Heat treated aluminum hardware for added strength and impact protection. And plenty of room for long levers.1 Choose Hardware kit you need below.(Model Specific next page).Two Point Mount for common 7/8 bars63-1039BHG-151Straight 22mm (7/8)Two Point Mountfor Tapered bars63-1039 BHG-151 63-1040BHG-152 TaperedSingle Point for common ATV7/863-1163STM-005-NP Bar-End MountHollow63-1175B-074 Adapter; required for 1 Hollow BarsFAX 1-888-238-1154Note:No Plastic Guard option available for this model.63-1163 STM-005 Specialty Handlebar Adapters63-1084BSS-00 Saddle Set(Straight 28.5mm) 7/8Suitable for: BB VS bars & Renthal Twinwall63-1085BSS-01Saddle Set(Tapered 27mm-28mm) Magura63-1086BSS-02Saddle Set(Tapered 25.5mm -26.5mm) Franais 1-800-387-3359(D) 2 Then add choice of Plastic: Jet, VPS, Storm or Carbon.JET-003 OFFROAD VPS-003 MXENDURO63-1137JET Plastics Black 63-1048VPS Plastics BlackEnglish 1-800-387-762563-1138JET Plastics Blue 63-1049VPS Plastics Blue63-1139JET Plastics Green 63-1050VPS Plastics Green63-1140JET Plastics Orange 63-1051VPS Plastics Orange63-1141JET Plastics Red 63-1053VPS Plastics Red63-1142JET Plastics White 63-1054VPS Plastics Silver63-1143JET Plastics Yellow 63-1055VPS Plastics White(D) 63-1056VPS Plastics Yellow63-1182VPS Plastics Hi Viz Yellowwww.fullboremarketing.ca63-1183VPS Plastics Black Out version(D) Note:Variable height Wind Deflector includedSTORMSTREETCRUISERADVENTURE CARBONSleek & FunctionalMax. protection from the elements with style Genuine hand laid carbon-fibre constructionSee next page for Single Point mount. See next page for Single Point mount.Accessories63-1156STM-003 White 63-1030BCF-003Carbon Black63-1155STM-003Black(D) Note:Optional LED Lights available see page 197. (D)193'