b'Single Point Mount MOTOCROSSENDUROVPS Open ended MX handguard (complete set)Single point mount (open ended) for MX & EnduroAlloy handlebar clamps with high strength nylon bracketsUniversal design allows for plenty of adjustment in most directionsHigh impact resistant VPS plastic guards includedFor more protection add Wind Deflectors (sold separately,page 196)VPS HandguardsVPS-007 kit to fit: MX & Enduro63-1067VPS-007-BK BlackFAX 1-888-238-115463-1068VPS-007-BU Blue63-1069VPS-007-GR Green63-1070VPS-007-OR Orange63-1072VPS-007RD Red63-1075VPS-007-WH White63-1076VPS-007-YE YellowFranais 1-800-387-3359(D) Single Point Mount MOTOCROSSENDUROEnglish 1-800-387-7625Clamps are manufactured from high grade aluminum with adjustable fitHigh impact resistant moulded plastic guardsLow profile minimalist design w/venting for increased airflowDeflectors provide max. coverage from roost, trail debris & harsh environmentsIncludes: plastic guards, top & bottom deflectors and hardwarewww.fullboremarketing.ca63-1200SAB-1BK-BKBlack Guard; Black Deflector 63-1202SAB-1BK-GRBlack Guard; Green Deflector 63-1204SAB-1BK-PKBlack Guard; Pink Deflector 63-1207SAB-1BK-YHBlack Guard; HiViz Deflector 63-1210SAB-1OR-WH Orange Guard; White Deflector 63-1211SAB-1RD-WHRed Guard; White Deflector (D)Accessories191'