b'MODELS AT A GLANCEX -X X- QUANTUM SIGNET- X - DEFIANT REGENT-X XD-4 VX RAM-X CLASSIC-V XC-WFEATURES AND BENEFITS STANDARD OPTIONAL CORSAIR -PRO4PB-SNC 2Shell: the Peripherallly Belted Structural Net Composite Square shell is created from Super Fiber and special synthetic fibers assembled by Arai experts, and provides superb tensile strength and flexibility and also features Arais newly developed resins resulting in even more strength with less weight.PB-ScLc 2Shell: the new Peripherally Belted Super Complex Laminate Construction shell combines multiple materials and techniques created internallyby Arai over more than 6 decades of experience that deliver both performance and affordability.PB-cLc 1Shell: the Peripherally Belted Complex Laminate Construction shell features a newly developed AR MAT which allows the Regent-X to achieve a lowercost without compromising weight or protection performance.PB-cLc Shell: the Peripherally Belted Complex Laminate Construction reinforces Arais cLc shell for more strength and weight reduction adding more to Araisaccumulation of incremental improvements over decades of experience to pursue gains in protection.PB-cLc 2Shell: the Peripherally Belted Complex Laminate Construction shell is the accumulation of years of Arais experience in shell making, handmade withover 25 individual pieces bound by Arais new proprietary resin and reinforced by the Peripheral Belt.cLc Shell: the Complex Laminate Construction contains a specially designed felt (AR MAT) that is sandwiched between the two layers of Super Fiber Laminate.FAX 1-888-238-1154The felt acts as a reinforcement layer without adding significantly to the weight of the helmet.VAS Shield Mechanism: the Variable Axis System (VAS) incorporates a moving pivot point allowing for a lower shield mount position. A dual-function leverreleases the cover plate and shield pin for quick shield removal.VAS Shield Demist Latch: this innovative latch captures and securely holds the shield closed to help resist unexpected opening. The demist function allows the shield to be opened just a bit while still fastened and is larger to allow for intuitive and seamless shield operation.VAS Max Vision BV Shield: this shield features brow vents and a cavity to receive the Pinlock lens insert and provides better visibility for all types of riding.Franais 1-800-387-3359Pinlock Lens Insert: this clear fog mitigating lens insert is made of a special material by Pinlock to absorb moisture and enhance visibility in all conditions.Pro Shade System: this shield system offers a convenient external shade to block ambient light, while functioning as an aerodynamic peak in the raisedposition. ES Chin Curtain: this curtain accentuates the egg-shaped form of the shell and blocks turbulent air from entering the underside; works with pull-down spoiler.Pull Down Spoiler: helps to minimize wind noise and turbulance, this movable piece under the chin also aids with the extraction of hot air from the riders face. FCS Cheek Pad Design: Arais patented Facial Contour System adds just the right amount of support by moving out of the way when putting the helmet on, but once the helmet is on, cradling the riders face and jaw area.5mm Peel-Off Layer: this removable layer gives the rider a micro-fitting option to easily adjust the cheek pads to one size thinner cheek pad.English 1-800-387-7625Emergency Release Cheek Pads: these allow for easier access to an injured rider by sliding out via integrated pull tabs built into the cheek pad underside.Removable Neck Roll Pad: this removable pad allows easier cleaning and replaceability along the riders neck for sound insulation and comfort.Anti Microbial Interior Lining: exclusive liner with anti-microbial material stays fresher between cleanings.Dry Cool Interior Lining: for all day comfort this moisture wicking material keeps you cool and minimizes the buildup of sweat.Brushed Nylon Interior Lining: very comfortable soft material provides all day comfort for those long rides.Outward-Flaring Hyper Ridge: flares out ot provide a larger opening for easier ingress and egress; the reinforcement band circles the bottom of the shelladding strength and lowering the helmets center of gravity.www.fullboremarketing.caHyper Ridge: the reinforcement band circles the bottom of the shell adding strength and lowering the helmets center of gravity.Brow Vents: gives you more cooling air in the temple and forehead area without holes in the critical forehead section of the shell or impact absorbing liner.Cowl Exhaust Vent: exhausts heat more efficiently; these vents are sculpted into the rear shell shape for optimal aerodynamic characteristics.Diffuser Type 12: these newly developed air diffusing top vent covers are 20mm longer than the previous design to improve stability and airflow.QVF Series Top Vents: the three-position front intake duct provides optimal cooling and aerodynamics.QVR Series Top Vents: this rear exhaust duct features a three position sliding lever and stabilizing aerodynamics for a smoother ride.Chin Vent Shutter: this closable gate in front of the center vent allows the rider to block out extreme weather conditions. Can be opened in warmer weather.Removable Peak: this adjustable sun-blocking piece shields your eyes from glare.Helmets11'