b'TailbagsSlipstream13 Litres Jetpack2033 LitresFAX 1-888-238-1154Fits most motorcycles Fits most motorcyclesSafe 4-point-belt-fixing Backpack functionBackpack function Safe 4-point-belt-fixing . 163-164 Self-supporting construction Reflective detailsWaterproof zipper seams Included: Tailbag, rain cover, 2 fixing straps, adhesive protection filmReflective detailsIncluded: Tailbag, Innerbag, 4 fixing straps, 2 Backpack straps,66-11052Jetpack2033LFranais 1-800-387-3359adhesive protection film(H)66-11056Slipstream13L(H)English 1-800-387-7625www.fullboremarketing.caRearbag2436 Litres Rackpack3645 LitresFits most motorcycles Fits most motorcycles Safe 4-point-belt-fixing Multiple mounting possibilitiesSplashproof with overlapping lid Safe 4-point-belt-fixingStorage space for helmet Big enough to fit a helmetReflective details Reflective detailsAccessoriesIncluded: Tailbag, Innerbag, 4 fixing straps, 2 Backpack straps, 2Included: Tailbag, waterproof innerbag, shoulder beltsupport straps for fixing at the licence plate holder, adhesive66-11054Rackpack3645Lprotection film(H)66-11053Rearbag2436L(H)181'