b'Quick-Lock EVO TankringsTank Bag Options Dry Bag Tankring MicroDaypackSportEngageCity TrialGSYukon 9066-1116866-1116666-1115666-1116466-1116266-1115866-1116066-11197 YAMAHAFZ 603-1066-13043 lll YZF-R6 03-1866-13043 lll FZ6R (Euro XJ 6) 10-1866-13043 llFazer 8 10-66-13043 lllllFZ8 10-13 66-13043 lllllFZ-09 14-1866-13043 llllFZ1 05- 1666-13043 lllYZF-R1 97- 1466-13043 lllSuper Tenere 10-1866-13043 llllllFJR 1300, ES & A00- 66-13043 lllMT-01 04-1266-13043 llllYZF-R6 98-0266-13044 lll FZ-07 15-1766-13092llllllFAX 1-888-238-1154YZF-R3 15-1866-14052 lllFJ-09 15-1866-14075 llllll YZF-R1 15-1766-14093 lll (H)EVO Conversion for Older Tank Bags Tankbag Security PinFranais 1-800-387-3359Note: This EVO conversion upper tankring replaces your existingAnti-theft protection for EVO tank bagnon-Evo tankring. This anti-theft kit offers a dual protection system: a security pin 66-13039 Upper Tank RingEVO prevents the removal of the tank bag from the inside, and the (H) included cable lock secures the tank bag from the outside.66-13064EVO Tankbag Security Pin(H)English 1-800-387-7625www.fullboremarketing.caAccessories175'