b'WARRANTYARAIS 5-YEAR WARRANTY.All Arai helmets are warranted against defects in materials andREAL FAKEworkmanship and are serviceable only for the properly fitted first user for five years from date of first use, but no more than seven years from date of manufacture. It should be replaced within five years of first use. Throughout the years, Arai has recorded the manufacture date on helmets in a standard month/year format (00/00).While the manufacture date has always been recorded on theWARNING: IF IT SOUNDS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, IT PROBABLY IS!chinstrap, as it is a permanent part of the helmet, the position on the chinstrap has changed over the years for various reasons. MostCommon sense suggests that you cant buy a brand new, real Arai recently, the date-of-manufacture can be found etched on thefor $200 or less. So, if you see an advertisement that appears to defy metal D-ring on the chin strap. logic, walk away and hold onto your money.We dont have eyes on the entire internet, but weve heard stories FAX 1-888-238-1154and even found a few examples of unscrupulous websites offering Arai Helmets at ridiculously low prices. Most of these sites use real Arai images, without license or permission, to lure you in. Some then switch to an image of the real helmet youre buying hoping that you wont notice. Check out the above photos of a real Arai next to a fake sold online.Additionally, we have heard of other sites that look legitimate and show dozens of real Arai images, offering crazy low pricesbut for Franais 1-800-387-3359Laser-engraved on the metal D-Ring buckle itself. that price you have to wait for a special bulk purchase direct from Arai. They take your money and tell you to wait. Eventually, after months, you get tired of waiting and press for information at which EVEN A HELMET AS GOOD AS AN ARAI WONT LAST FOREVER. time you are told that Arai wouldnt make the deal. It is then up to Like most major helmet manufacturers, Arai subscribes to the Snellyou to get your pre-payment back.Memorial Foundation benchmark of five years as the suggestedArai produces to order, through established wholesale distributors usable lifespan of a motorcycle helmet. Why? Think of a helmet inonly, who then sell through established retail dealers from stock.terms of your body. No matter how good it may look, or how wellTherefore, we encourage everyone to be alert and use common you take care of it, age still takes its toll. Even with minimal use, asense when purchasing an Arai.helmet is affected by things like the acids and oils in sweat, haircare English 1-800-387-7625products, cleaners, polishes, pollution, exposure to UV rays, etc. At about the five-year mark, helmet interiors begin to show wear and/or deterioration, which should serve as an alert to its overall condition. WARNING | BUYING AN ARAI HELMET ONLINEThe helmets fit may begin to feel a little loose, not as snug as itOnline shoppers take care to be sure they are dealing with once did. This, as well as unseen aging and deterioration of the EPSan authorized Arai e-commerce retailer. These dealers have liner and fiberglass shell can affect the helmets ability to perform asagreed to follow guidelines to help customers make the it was originally designed in an impact. If a helmet suffers an impactbest purchase possibleeven long distance. To find an and any doubt exists as to its further ability to protect, it shouldauthorized Arai dealer, visit araiamericas.com.www.fullboremarketing.caeither be returned to the manufacturer for competent inspection orWARNING | BUYING FROM OTHER COUNTRIESdiscarded and replaced. Each world market requires different helmet standards. These are the reasons to replace your helmet after five years. OfNever purchase helmets from outside your market as they course, if your helmet becomes less than snug in fit, or damaged, itmay not comply with legally required standards for your should be replaced before the five-year mark. country, not to mention the fact that their interior fit may not have been designed for your market and as a result may be very uncomfortable.Helmets purchased from outside a given market are not eligible for after-sales service or warranty claims. Arai and its authorized agents cannot endorse the continued use of a All Arai motorcycle helmets meet or exceed Snell standardsnoncertified helmet.in addition to mandated DOT standards. For further information on the Snell standard, check smf.org.HelmetsWARNING: No helmet can protect the wearer against all foreseeable impacts. Nothing is a substitute for safe riding practices.10'