b'Quick Lock EVO TankringsThe original Q-L EVO tankring system offers the perfect link between tankbag and motorcycle. The tank ring combines easy handling, sturdy mounting and is bike specific.Once the system is assembled, the tankbag can be snapped A Top Ring is delivered with Q-L EVO tanksecurely into place or removed by pulling a release lanyard at the bags. Prior to final install, it can befront of the tankbag.positioned on the tankbag base to achieve the perfect fit on the tank ring Does not interfere with refuelingFast removal pull-cord releaseConstructed with fibre glass reinforced plasticIncluded: Model specific Q-L EVO tank ring with screwsATTACH REMOVEFAX 1-888-238-1154Lower the bag onto the EVOAudible clicking confirmsPull the cord to release Note: tank ring and press down tolocking See pages 108-155 to find your bike specific tankring and appropriate bag.engageFranais 1-800-387-3359Quick Lock EVO Waterproof Tank BagEnglish 1-800-387-7625www.fullboremarketing.caYukon 909 Litre The first waterproof tank bag with Q-L EVO inside. The weather and dirt resistant container has been designed with the needs of all Water and dirt proof season, all terrain riding in mind. Transparent lid with snap bucklesMain compartment flap doubles as a map holder It is easily attached to any Q-L EVO tank ring, providing secure Removable padded luggage organizer mounting and easy unlatching at the same time. Its compact Accessoriesdimensions and level base allow easy installation on nearly any Included: Tankbag and Q-L EVO topring tank. A circulatory zipper gives fast access to the inner compartment, while the closed compartment can serve as a map 66-11197Tankbag 9L.L:29cm W:19cm H:16cm* holder, positioned directly under the transparent tank bag lid.(H)*while supplies last169'