b'VASVariable Axis SystemRacing technologies integrated into every Arai helmet.EVOLUTION OF THE CORSAIR-X:The worlds first shield system to get so close to the ideal shell form.FAX 1-888-238-1154Franais 1-800-387-3359KEEP SMOOTHER AND ROUNDER WITHIN THE TEST AREA.English 1-800-387-7625Through decades of experience, Arai has developed a helmet comprised of numerous details that work together to improve the protective capacity of the helmet. Arai believes that movement of the head allowed by Glancing Off helps divert impact energy. Throughout its long history, Arai has always tried to make helmets rounder, smoother, and stronger to protect against potential impacts with energies above those of the standardand even above what a helmet might be able to deal with directly.However, even at Arai there are limitations to how round and www.fullboremarketing.casmooth a helmet can be due to the restrictions of a single-pivot- shield mechanism. The geometry of previous shield systems requires a high pivot position. This high pivot point falls across the test boundary lines at the left and right temple area. The shield is attached to the helmet with a mounting/pivot mechanism. To maintain a smooth/flush transition from shield to shell, the shell area where this mechanism attaches must have some depression or recess. Variable Axis System (VAS) is a completely new shield system with a mechanism invented with the sole purpose of minimizing this intrusion, allowing the shell to be made smoother. The new smoother shape is the Snell test linenext generation that aims to Helmetsfurther improve on the original mission.PRO SHADE SYSTEM-VAS on QUANTUM-X9'