b'Continually seeking the strongest materials and best techniques at the forefront of technologyShell strength is very important for enhancing glancing off. In an actual crash, if the shell deforms or is completely destroyed it can no longer slide and will stop and catch on that point. A helmet that cant slide cant maintain its glancing off ability and that impact energy can reach the riders head. Since weve decided on being the number one helmet in the world for protection, weve pursued shell strength as well as weight reduction by accumulating improvements that embody the lifeblood of Arai. This evolved intoBetween the high strength fibers, special the development of the cLc shell process (complex laminate construction) which encompasses both strength and lightness.lightweight elastic fibers are sandwichedSeeking Various between, which is the Complex Laminate Although the cost of the material utilized is 6 times higher thanConstruction (cLc). It offers a 20% weightImprovementsconventional fiberglass, Arai exploits its use for a stronger andreduction compared to making it with just lighter helmet. To resist cracks from spreading to the helmets edge,all the same fiber. STRENGTHthe critical edges of the shell have a Super Fiber Belt which FAX 1-888-238-1154reinforces these areas like the bands of a barrel. The resin blend as well is evolved through our obsession with strength and weight reduction as we continue to accumulate various improvements.The Peripheral Belt made of Super Fiber reinforces the helmet like the bands of a barrel for better protection. This special belt resists the spreading of cracks that form when the helmet receives a largeimpact and improves glancing off ability.Franais 1-800-387-3359For many years weve seen our liners performance testedSeeking Various Even the best glancing off ability alone wont protect the riders head. Impact absorption ability is necessary to pass even theImprovementsstrictest helmet standard in the world. In the impact absorptionLINERability test, the shell surface deforms when it receives an impact with the helmet hitting obstacles of certain angles and shapes.English 1-800-387-7625If the impact surface is narrow, concentrating the impact energy, the EPS liner must naturally be thicker. However, while that makes it easier to pass helmet standards, making the EPS liner thicker only in the necessary places ends up distorting the helmet shape away from round and smooth. It doesnt maintain a form ideal for making the most of glancing off. The head form shape used in helmet testing is somewhat square, so the four Arais proprietary 1-piece multi-density EPS liner has finely-tunedcorners get tight inside the helmet, and sections with various densities. It can make the most of its glancingwe can see a tendency to make the shell off ability because the EPS density varies according to thesquare too.corresponding shell surface, allowing the shell to remain round and www.fullboremarketing.casmooth. This 1-piece multi-density liner is indispensable for improved results in Arais strength of the shell shape pursuing glancing off performance.Arais proprietary 1PMDL (one piece multidensity liner) is the only one of its kind in the world and offers incredible Helmetsprotection by being fine-tuned to each shell size, in each model and in each head size, with varying EPS densities.7'