b'FORM The Never-Ending Evolution of Glancing Off.Seeking various improvements every day: introducing one part of the challengeGlancing off cannot be adequately quantified as a basis of headTHE EVOLUTION OF FORM CONTINUES AS TIME GOES BYprotection. In actual crashes, an impact can come from any angle at any speed and cannot be prepared for. Also, the exact speed andFrom the scars left by actual rider impacts, we can gather that the angle of an impact cannot be replicated 100%. So as for thehelmet was able to slide past obstacles and not catch or snag development of glancing off, theres nothing that can be donebecause of its smooth surface. In other words, we surmise they except to accumulate improvements that we think we should doexhibited glancing off properties. So, the shape of Arai helmets will through experimentation and small adjustments to combat everybe round and smooth to the very end. We have kept the same basic possibility. shape since the beginning, and think it alleviates impact energy more so than a shell with an exaggerated shape with hard edges that may catch. Our helmets evolved from a cannonball shape when first introduced, into an egg shape today, to better blend the entire outer surface more smoothly. The current shape of an egg is a simple sphere evolved in nature for survival. Arai also evolved towards the egg shape with the notion to protect the riders head as much as possible from impacts that might exceed expectations.FAX 1-888-238-1154The whole helmet has evolved to receive impact energy with its round surface to address obstacles, and reduce flat facets in the shell.Franais 1-800-387-3359R75The aero parts and vents that keep the rider comfortable break off in an impact by design. Our helmets are designed to avoid protrusions in the shell. They also have a continuous round and smooth English 1-800-387-7625spherical form maintaining a radius of no less than 75mm, which we call R75, in the specified head protection area of the helmet according to safety standards.VAS SHIELDDesigned for improved function, but more importantly www.fullboremarketing.cato increase the continuous smooth shape of the shell. VAS aims to increase the glancing off ability of the helmet by maintaining the smooth shape of the helmet above all.SAI shield VAS shieldCORSAIR-V CORSAIR-VPosition of the holder Position of the holderHelmets*The convex curved surface of the shell has a continuous radius of 75mm or more across its curvature.6'