b'Glancing off works together with energy absorption invisible to your eyes.When we talk about Impact absorption ability there will be a limit regardless of any manufacturing technique employed, because of the limited amount of space between the shell and riders head necessary to manage impact energy (see below The Limit of Absorption Ability). And on a motorcycle, we have to prepare for impacts that far exceed our imagination. So it follows that glancing off is critical for supporting that. Arais helmet exhibits results due to its strong shell combined with its round smooth surface and achieves the important goal of not letting energy into the helmet. As for the force involved, if you convert the force from the helmet drop test of the strictest helmet However, helmet standards place their emphasis on impactstandard in the world, it amounts to merely 27.9km/h (or 7.75 m/s).absorption and do not show anything about glancing off. Glancing off is the synergy of various elements working together, and there is no set way to impact a helmet to test for it. There is a test for shellTHE LIMIT OFFAX 1-888-238-1154strength to resist penetration, though because its difficult to putABSORPTION ABILITY Impact Energynumbers to the the shell form and such for glancing off, thereThe amount of energy in a crash can be expressed as distance remains no definition. Any helmet makes use of glancing off, butand force, where distance is the physical space between theBuffer Zonedue to the difficulty in numerically capturing each helmetshelmet shell surface and the riders head, or in other words theIIdifference in ability, there are many cases where safety standardshelmet size. If you make the helmet userfriendly, there will be aSizesimply dont define glancing off. limit to its size. Regardless of construction or materialof the helmetIn addition to passing standards, Arai makes continual efforts toemployed, theres still a limit to the space available in a helmet.improve our helmets glancing off ability and pursue gains in headIllustrationprotection.Franais 1-800-387-3359Aiming to be the best in the worldWhen it comes to proficiency in head protection, Arai has the goalHELMET SCARS FROM IMPACTSof making a helmet superior to all others and continues to make our helmets this way today. We have seen this confirmed in many of our rider crashes over several decades, and we pursue gains inImpact absorption testing is protection even if just a little. Because we come from thisrepresentative in helmet background, weve come to notice the importance of thestandards testing. It smoothness of the helmet as a component above all others andnumerically measures the English 1-800-387-7625continue to employ it in our approach. Head protection is theimpact when a helmet collides foundation of our belief in being the best in the world and wewith an obstacle straight on.pursue the value of bothglancing offandimpact absorptionequally. This is the difference of Arai.www.fullboremarketing.caDiagonal scars are left on the helmet where it received a perpendicular impact. On the other hand, impacts can be received from different angles and the scars flow horizontally from the impact point. Impact scars from drop test(hemisphere anvil)Helmets5'