b'BMWR1200 GS LC Adventure 2014-2016 See also next pageION Cases(For Adventure cases, see pages 161-162)66-11010Top Case 38 L Silver66-11009Top Case 38 L Black(H) Note:Top Case Requires 2 Locks (not included) pg. 163-16466-14084Mirror Extension (H)FAX 1-888-238-115466-14359 Top Rack; Adventure66-14402 Case Adapter; Adventure Rack66-11160EVO Tankbag GS 16-22 L(H) Note:When mounting w/out OEM carrier the lowering kit 66-14467 is required. L: 41cm W: 31cm H: 25cm 66-13093EVO Tankring66-11494Universal GPS Navi Case Pro Mount Kit (H)(H)Franais 1-800-387-335966-11008Side Case 37 L. RH - Silver66-11002Side Case 45 L. LH - Silver66-11007Side Case 37 L. RH - Black66-11001Side Case 45 L. LH - Black(H) Note:Sidecases require Locks (not included), pg. 163-164English 1-800-387-762566-14418PRO Side Carrierwww.fullboremarketing.ca66-14411Case Adapter Kit; Left & Right66-12029Side Carrier Adapter OEM*66-14468Optional Q-L Security Lock (2)(H)*Use with OEM BMW Side CarrierAccessories119'