b'GLANCING OFFHow does a Helmet Protect Your Head?Head protection can be called managing impact energy.Except managing that energy is not just absorbing it.In the event of an impact, energy is created, and the role of a helmet is to appropriately manage the impact energy to protect the riders head. That energy management is generally achieved by All helmets protect the riders head throughabsorption of the impact energy around the head, thus protecting both glancing off and energy absorption. it. The outer shell deforms and the cells of the inner EPS liner crush, and that destruction manages impact Energy by converting it into work. However, the truth is even the best helmet has limits to how much energy it can manage.On the other hand, the helmet isnt only absorbing energy, but rather in a large crash when the riders head is repeatedly protected by the helmet, we understand that its working to manage impact MOVINGenergy in another important way.FORWARD That is glancing off. Many people probably dont even realize this, FAX 1-888-238-1154but at the moment a helmet is impacted, if struck off center it can slide on the crash surface, minimizing the impact energy that might otherwise be transferred to the riders head. Therefore, if not directed toward the center of the helmet, the head inside can be protected, even with high energy levels and the liners limited energy absorption ability. Even in extreme crashes weve witnessed glancing off and energy absorption as two halves of energy management that work together to increase the chances of head Franais 1-800-387-3359ENERGYGLANCINGprotection. This holds true for any kind of helmet.ABSORPTION OFFEnergy Absorption and glancing off are twoHere is the moment wheels that can do the job of preserving balanceof impact. The rider that can work together without bias or offset. tenses up, and the helmet contacts the English 1-800-387-7625ground. You can imagine what the helmet has to do next.www.fullboremarketing.caHelmets4'