b'LA1 LA2 LA1 shown with Tank Strap SLAAccessory Bags LA1 / LA2These handy bags can be fastened to most legend gear products, allowing the rider to tailor the luggage setup exactly to his or her needs.66-14015Accessory Bag LA10.8LFAX 1-888-238-115466-14016Accessory Bag LA21.2L(H)Smartphone Bag LA3Fits smartphones with Franais 1-800-387-3359displays up to 5.5. Multi-touch compatible. Can be attached to most Legend Gear bags. Also compatible with Saddle strap SLS and Tank strap SLA. Bill pocket and 3 credit card slots inside. LA366-14017Smartphone Bag LA3English 1-800-387-7625(H)Tank Strap SLAThe bike specific Tank Strap SLA looks great when mounted to the www.fullboremarketing.catank by itself or when used to mount a Legend Gear accessory bag. This vintage style cover will perfectly complement your motorcycles stock look.66-14019BMW R nineT (14-18)66-14021Ducati Scrambler (15-17)/Sixty2 (16-18)66-14020Triumph Bonneville / T100 (04-)/Thruxton/Scrambler(06-)Shoulder Strap LA4 66-14306Triumph Bonneville T100 (16-18) / T120/Thruxton 1200Comes with shoulder padding.and fastening loops for mounting(16-)/ Street Twin accessory bags. Aluminum retaining hooks are used toattach to(H)Legend Gear tail bags, saddlebags and tank bags. Adjustable length Accessoriesfrom 90 to 150 cm.66-14018Shoulder Strap LA4(H)106'