b'Messenger Bag LR3 Toolbag LA5A versatile 12 litre tail bag that can be slung over your shoulder andCan be mounted to the frame or handlebar of most bikes.carried with you. 66-14169Toolbag LA51.6L66-14170Messenger Bag LR312L (H) (H) FAX 1-888-238-1154Franais 1-800-387-3359English 1-800-387-7625Tankbag LT1 (magnetic)Mounts with powerful magnets that allow a secure mount even on rough roads, while the bags padded base protects the gas tank from scratches. Tankbag LT266-14013Tankbag LT1, Magnetic3-5.5L This compact strap-on Tank Bag can be attached to most (H) motorcycles via its durable three point mount.www.fullboremarketing.ca66-14014Tankbag LT2, Strap mount5.5L(B)Leg Bag Set LA8What to do with your wallet, keys, smartphone, when you dont have luggage to store them in? The LA8 is your answer! And it comes with the adjustable LA7 holster.Accessories66-14301Leg Bag LA8 w/LA7 Holster(H)105'