b'Universal Saddlebags LS1 / LS2These Saddlebags are available in 9.8 and 13.5Saddle Strap SLSLitres respectively. The bags mount with theProvides safe support for Legend Gear Saddlebag LS1 & LS2 on FAX 1-888-238-1154universal SLS strap holder that attaches to thenearly any motorcycle bench seat. Due to its universal fit the holder bench seat and holds one or two saddlebags.can easily be used with modified and custom seats.And includes all other install fixings unless noted.66-14000SLS Strap Saddlebag Holder66-14001LS1 Saddlebag 9.8L Set (H)Note:SLS strap is already included in Universal Saddlebag LS1/LS2.66-14002LS2 Saddlebag 13.5L Set66-14003LS2 Saddlebag 9.8L ; 13.5L SetFranais 1-800-387-335966-14054LS1 Saddlebag 9.8L only (SLS not incl.)*installs Left or Right66-14055LS2 Saddlebag 13.5L only (SLS not incl.)*installs Left or Right(H) English 1-800-387-7625www.fullboremarketing.caTail Bag LR2Offers lots of storage space, while retaining a compact height. This bag fits well with the styling of current retro bikes and cafe racers.66-14006Tail Bag LR248L(H)Tail Bag LR1AccessoriesThis convenient combination of Tail Bag and fully fledged Backpack is a versatile companion for any tourno matter whether by bike or on foot.66-14005Tail Bag LR117L104 (H)'