b'SHAPE MATTERS EASY AS ONE. TWO. THREE.ONLY FROM ARAI 1. MEASUREJust like fingerprints, no two heads are the same. So how could youHave the circumference of your head measured to get an idea of expect one helmet to fit every head? If you understand the valuewhere to start. The image here shows the proper placement of a that a properly fitting helmet has on both the enjoyment of the ridemeasuring tape to get the most accurate measurement.as well as its performance in an impact, you can appreciate the need for more than one interior head shape.Arais interior shapes have evolved over decades, and as a result three basic shapes emerged: Round Oval, Intermediate Oval and Long Oval. Having these different options gives every rider the chance to find their ideal fit; you can even customize your helmet further with various head and cheek pads to achieve the perfect fit for you.Only Arai gives every rider the opportunity to get the best fitting helmet possible.FAX 1-888-238-1154THREE ARAI HELMET SHAPES2. TRY ON AN ARAI. A HELMET NEEDS TO BE TRIED ON IN ORDER TO DETERMINE A PROPER FIT.With an Arai helmet, regardless of your presumed head shape, a ROUND OVAL | QUANTUM-X side-by-side test fit, like a Quantum-X against a Signet-X, will give an apples-to-apples comparison to find your best fit. And, not The Round Oval shape was designed forsurprisingly, in some cases your perfect fit isnt the interior shape riders whose heads are slightly wideryou thought you were.Franais 1-800-387-3359rather than elongated. The Round Oval shape was achieved by using an interior head liner that combines thicker front and rear pads with thinner side pads.ROUND OVAL LONGOVALINTERMEDIATE OVAL |3. MICRO FIT INTERIOR LINERS AND CHEEK PADSEnglish 1-800-387-7625Many Arai models feature removable cheek pads that have a 5mm CORSAIR-X, DEFIANT-X,peel off slice and removable head liners with a 5mm peel off slice on REGENT-X, RAM-X,the temple pads. You can remove these to micro-fit if necessary without having to buy additional pads. Often this allows you to stay CLASSIC-V, XD-4, XC-W, &in your fitted size rather than the traditional solution of moving up a size, which decreases comfort and performance while increasing VX-PRO 4 noise and movement. You can also order optional thicker or thinner Our Intermediate Oval shape is ourhead-liners and cheek pads allowing you to even further custom fit standard interior shape. Theyour Arai helmet. To order a liner of a different thickness, start with Intermediate Oval fits the majority ofthe Lining Code that matches your helmet size, then specify the www.fullboremarketing.cahead shapes in the North Americandesired thickness. For example, an optional 5mm liner for a large markets. helmet would be specified as a III-5mm liner. All thicknesses of cheek pads will fit in all helmet sizes in their respective models.LONG OVAL | SIGNET-XThe Long Oval shape was designed for riders with a narrow head and a more pronounced forehead. The Long Oval was created by increasing the space of the EPS liner front to back and Helmetsdecreasing the space side-to-side.3'