b'FB Top CasesS30 BASIC TOP CASE Kits at a budget price30 L. Top Case, Standard 28 Litre Top CaseS30; the economy series for scooters and small capacity bikes orOffers great looks, convenience and security for any bikethose wanting less volumeVolume: 30 Litres (one helmet) Small case holds one full face helmetDimensions: 390 L x 396 W x 298 H Large size case holds two full face helmets and/or other needed Manual Key Lock, includes universal base plate gearUniversal mounting plate included47-4001S30 BASIC 30L47-2004Small: 16 L x16.25 W x 11.5 H(B)(B)Available in nested 10packs at special prices. Call for details. FAX 1-888-238-1154S40 URBAN 46 Litre Top CaseFranais 1-800-387-335940 L. Top Case with LED Light47-2002LARGE: 17 L x 22 W x 13 HUrban S40; suitable for all motorcycle classes, the S40 serves as(B)the perfect utility size carrierVolume: 40 Litres(one or two helmets)Dimensions: 480 L x 440 W x 309 HManual Key Lock, LED Brake Lights (includes: base plate universal)47-4006S40 URBAN 40L with LED LightEnglish 1-800-387-7625(B)www.fullboremarketing.caUniversal Adaptor PlateWhile Universal Base Plate fits SW-Motechsupplies Steel Racks without Adapters last! Accessories47-4020Universal Adaptor Plate(mounts on non-Coocase or SW-Motech racks)(B) 101'