b'Cruiser R Built in Stress ReliefDual SportFA-CRUISER-R-revB, FA-CRUISER-RSM FA-DUALSPORTEliminates numbness and painful pressure points. Cell heights lowerSpecifically designed to meet the needs of the Dual Sport Rider and on front for better leg passage.their bike and a narrow front to match the seat profile of most Dual Its ergonomically form fitting design allows better conformity to aSport Bikes. The front of the DS pad is also tapered down to multitude of seat shapes and sizes. Covered in breathable Spacerminimize unwanted pressure on front leg pass.Mesh material w/red vinyl accent, it features a non-skid bottom so it Designed to fit; more narrow front seatsstays in place and its fully customizable and portableuse it on any Air Pad:durable Polyurethanebike for any rider.Cruiser Straps Included Air Pad:durable PolyurethaneMeasures:11.5 L X 11 W Cruiser Straps Included Large:14 L X 14.5 W Small:11 L X 11 W FAX 1-888-238-1154Franais 1-800-387-335948-1009 DS Cruiser Seat Pad 48-1008Cruiser Relief Seat Pad Large (D)48-1010Cruiser Relief Seat Pad Small(D)English 1-800-387-7625Replacement Cruiser Straps RM-CRUISERSTRAPSFits all AIRHAWK Seating Systems. One pair of AIRHAWK Motorcycle Seat Straps easily attaches your AIRHAWK to your motorcycle seat.www.fullboremarketing.ca48-1012Replacement 2-Strap Pack (D)AirHawk Works! Gel/Memory Foam AirHawkProof is in the medically-proven pressure mapping. No red hot spots that cause pain. Air cells evenly distribute weight and pressure over entire cushion. Accessories97'