b'THE ARAI DIFFERENCEWhen you think about how a helmet works to protect theThe basis of Glancing Off is undoubtedly a Rounder, head inside, if you think of absorption of the impact, you areSmoother and Stronger Shell, but when it comes to partly correct. designing the structure of it on that basis, there has been no simple solution or magic wand. The real crashes are too That is, there is a limit to the amount of energy any helmetunpredictable.can manage to absorb. In this regard, it may be worth noting that the impact test speed for absorption by most standardsDid you know what Arai has actually done to raise the is less than 28 km/h. performance level of Glancing Off?As the kinetic energy goes up in proportion to the square ofWe at Arai are proud to work for the protection of fellow speed, the amount of energy involved in a real crash can beriders, and feel it has become an important part in the far bigger than the level any make of helmet can manage tomeaning of our existence, but the unpredictable nature of FAX 1-888-238-1154absorb. some crash impacts can overwhelm even our helmets.However, the basic function of a helmet protecting the headTo live with such a fact, we have been struggling to enhance from a severe blow of an impact is not only absorption. every aspect of a helmets ability to protect, no matter how small, and believe there is always some room left for As many riding impacts are off center, or come at an angle,improvement hidden within the many details of Glancing the intrusion of energy might be diminished as the helmetOff, even though we did not know how much each may skip or slide over obstacles avoiding some of the energy. improvement would add.Franais 1-800-387-3359This enhances the chance that energy getting into theThis accumulating, building and evolving of numerous helmet stays within the level absorption could handle. Weimprovements, for the enhancement of Glancing Off, has refer to this as Glancing Off. been the foundation of the difference of Arai through our Did you know Arai is one of very few in the world aware oflong history.the importance of Glancing Off? Today, many in the world say that the protection Witnessing such scenes repeatedly, Arai has come to believeperformances shown by Arai are different from others.English 1-800-387-7625that Glancing Off of the impact energy is a key to theThere is an old saying; The whole can be far greater than the enhanced head protection by helmets, and Arai has beensum of its parts. If you consider some extreme performances working to elevate its level ever since. shown by Arai, you might find some truth in that old saying.Although there has been no literature or article referring toEven though most of those parts may not be readily visible or Glancing Off, we have studied the principles and functions oflikely to serve as a sales feature, they contribute to the cost of it through our own experiences and have been working to seeking to improve performance. But we have come to be enhance its effectiveness independently. convinced that this is the way to the enhancement of head www.fullboremarketing.caprotection against severe and unpredictable crash impacts.Knowing that no one and nothing is perfect, we believe these extra efforts are worth the additional costs, especially considering that what we are seeking to protect is priceless.HelmetsMichio AraiOwner and CEO, Arai Helmet, LTD.2'